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7 weekend things to do in Zurich

Zurich is known as one of the best cities to live in. Often referred to as the gateway to the Alps, this picturesque city is loaded with history and culture. Lakes and the alpine mountains alongside the city are enough for Zurich to be a worthwhile destination, but it has much more in store. Visitors can enjoy open air swimming pools and spas scattered throughout the city. Boat rides in the beautiful lakes and train rides up the mountains gives you unique experiences. Shopaholics can have strolls though the world’s most expensive shopping street. Parties, music and bars are quite common for after hour amusement. The ones with a more subtle taste can stroll through the old town and enjoy its unconventional architecture. The list is quite long and sometimes very exhausting to choose from. Here are some of the most exciting and worthwhile things to do in Zurich:
Boat rides:

Rowing boats through the calm lake, Zurich in the summer seems like the perfect excuse to disconnect from the world. Those who want to avoid the hard work of rowing a boat, can enjoy gentle cruises on steam ships or glass roofed boats. The boats travel on different routes so there is always something different to experience. On board dining can satisfy even the most luxurious tastes.

Ascending a mountain:

Zurich’s local mountain, Uetliberg, provides magnificent views of the city, the Alps and the lake. Ride to the top via train or just take a hike. Have exquisite meals in the panoramic restaurant of The Uto Kulm hotel. The fresh produce coupled with fine wines makes it a feast for your senses.

Visiting the Old Town:

Streets paved with cobblestones and narrow alley ways lined with beautiful houses make this place a scenic masterpiece. It is the cultural, historical and nightlife centre for tourists and locals. Many local restaurants in the area make your breaks between strolls much more enjoyable. Some of the most important religious buildings of the city like the Minster of Our Lady Church are in this town. The town also houses historical landmarks such as the Swiss National Museum, the Roman castle and the Lindenhof. You can travel to the Old Town via trams.

Touring the zoo:

Opened in 1929, the Zurich Zoo is considered to be one of the cultural institutions of the city. The zoo houses around 360 individual species of animals which are kept in naturally constructed habitats. There is a rainforest section named Masoala Rainforest. It harbors about 10,000 diverse species of plants. On the other hand, you can see magnificent elephants up close in The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park.

Exploring museums:

Get a glimpse at Zurich’s rich history and mesmerizing culture through the museums. The Swiss national museum contains changing and permanent exhibits which takes you on a journey to the roots. The FIFA museum celebrates one of the world’s favorite sports, football. Covering all the world cups since 1930, the museum has archival documents relating to the game’s history. Besides these, there are many art museums which can definitely satisfy your curiosity.

Strolling through the Old Botanical Garden:

The Old botanical garden was founded in 1837. Being the first of its kind in the city, the garden is still one of the most charming places in Zurich. Both locals and visitors find themselves enchanted in this mysterious garden. The medieval herb garden provides insight into medicines from the middle ages. You can also relax in the arboretum with a good book or a cup of coffee. The palm house space often hosts exhibits, concerts and plays.

Experiencing the Zurich Opera House:

With ballet and opera performances from some of the world’s most prestigious companies, the Zurich Opera House is perfect for a cultural evening. It is one of the most important cultural centers of Zurich. From plays by William Shakespeare to incredible depictions of Wagner’s symphonies, the shows offer nothing but cultural excellence.

Zurich has a lot to offer. From relaxing boat rides to cultural ecstasy, the city is capable of captivating your senses by its dynamism. The city has something new to discover on every turn. Even if you’re on a budget, Zurich travel package deals are available and are easy to find online. Be bold and open to witness the sensational culture and experience the fascinating diversions.

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