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Beijing Travel: Skilled Acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre

The Beijing Acrobatic Troupe delivers a stunning, action-packed performance where tradition meets tricks at the Chaoyang Acrobatics Theatre. These highly skilled acrobats take the audience on a journey of thrill, fear and entertainment.

The contortionists are incredibly talented and twist their bodies in such an unbelievable manner. Motorbikes wiz around a gigantic transparent globe; barely missing one another at top speeds whilst making intricate interweaving patterns. The performers balance on one another, on thin wobbly blanks of wood and on high steps and poles with just one hand! Not forgetting the human pyramid on a bicycle. The show includes martial art choreography, female dancers in exotic costuming and everything you would expect from a circus but even more daring and even more creative.

Vivid music engages the viewer as they stare in owe at the amazing stamina, flexibility, balance and strength of these performers. Traditional lion dancing stands side-by-side with fire stunts, building a hybrid between modern and traditional China.

Chinese acrobatics have been created and performed for over two thousand years; blending arts, traditional stories, acrobatics, tai chi and theatre. What makes China’s acrobatic shows so different to the rest of the world is the ability of the performers and the daring, heart stopping moments that make these shows so spectacular. In no other country would you witness so much balance and precision in every cast member’s performance, which builds from the strenuous training these acrobatics go through. From as young as 6, children who wish to become a professional acrobat are stretching and building their pain threshold whilst mastering balance, flexibility and gymnastics.

Just a short walk from Hujialou stop exit C1, the Chaoyang Acrobatics Theatre is in an excellent location and can be paired with many other attractions of Beijing. Nearby is the Beijing Chaoyang Park, ideal for a afternoon picnic before heading into to theatre or head to the Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant for some delicious authentic Beijing duck. Madam Zhu’s Kitchen and Dongshengge Dumpling restaurant are also good choices that can be found near the theatre. If you are in a rush, there are a variety of fast food spots such as KFC or Starbucks in the nearby area as well as local street food. The CCTV Headquarters is also not too far from the theatre; a interesting architectural piece home to the state run broadcasting company.

The Chaoyang Acrobatics Theatre has been putting on shows for nearly 30 years, entertaining millions of tourists’ year upon year. It has been labeled as ‘a landmark in the evolution of the 200 year old acrobatic history’. This performance offers excitement, colourful staging and acrobatics to the extreme that will appeal to people of all ages. The pace of the show never drops, keeping audiences suspended in anticipation throughout the hour performance.  The shows are performed 3 times a day with ticket prices available at reasonable prices, in a theatre that can seat up to 1400. DVDs are also available at the theatre, for those who want to bring home the magic.



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