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Resorthoppa Review

This Resorthoppa review is to warn people not to use their transfer services. They are one of the worst transfer companies that I have used. If you complain to them, they will be rude and will not listen to your issue. They will try to pass the buck to the holiday company you have bought your holiday from. Hope this Resorthoppa review will bring to light some of the issues holiday makers are facing when using Resorthoppa.

Local beach at the Golf Del Sur resort near the Aguamarina Golf Apartments
In July 2015 we were in Golf Del Sur in South Tenerife staying at Aguamarina Golf Apartments booked by Everything went well, enjoyed our holiday immensely. We went to the local beaches, went on mount Teide, and went on the Tenerife blanket trip, Loro Parque and so on.

A day before coming back to the UK (24 hours to Bristol airport) we decided to check on our transfer time. We went to the website as instructed by lastminute and entered our booking reference number onto the myhoppa search box to find out our pickup time. It said that our transfer will be there at 8.58am (for a flight back to Bristol at 11.20am) and we should be outside our accommodation at least 15 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. We did that, in fact we were out of our of accommodation where the driver could see us clearly waiting for the transfer much before the scheduled time. We waited at least 30 minutes and still no one came. We had children and they were getting restless. We phoned the local number 0034922795503 and there was a recorded message in Spanish which we didn't understand and the phone went dead. I phoned a few times and same message in Spanish. Now panic was beginning to set! Luckily there was a taxi passing by and he stopped to ask us if we needed a taxi. We said yes and he said it will cost 15 Euros to the airport which we were OK to pay. Since it was getting late and we were scheduled to catch the Ryan Air plane back to Bristol Airport, we had little choice.

Resorthoppa Review
Resorthoppa Review - As you can see that it clearly says that we should wait outside the accomadation 
We didn't think much of it, we were just happy to be at the South Tenerife airport. When I came back to home to Cardiff, I phoned Resorthoppa and after waiting about 10 minutes on the phone got connected to a Resorthoppa representative. I gave my reference number and said that we did not get an transfer - she said she can’t do anything about it. All I asked was a refund. In fact, she did not want to know what my issue was. She gave me an email address of and said that I should email them as they were the ones responsible for selling me the holiday. At one point she was getting restless and I could sense an air of arrogance and rudeness in the tone. Nevertheless, she did apologise though but said she can’t do anything.

Aguamarina Golf Apartments Golf Del Sur Tenerife Canaries
The Aguamarina Golf Apartments Golf Del Sur Tenerife Canaries
I emailed lastminute on the email address the Resorthoppa representative had provided but for some reason the emailed bounced back. So I phoned lastminute and was hold in a recoded messaged that they do not deal with complaints on the phone and I should contact them through their website. I did manage to find a contact form which I used to inform them of my problem and asked for a refund of the transfer money. So far I have not heard from them (will keep you updated if I do hear from them).

Email to lastminute
Message to lastminute about the complain. They are now aware of the issue about Resorthoppa (will update if I hear anything from them)
All I ask from Resorthoppa and lastminute is a refund. Both seem to be passing the buck and I have not heard back from any of them. I have a feeling that they get a lot of complaints like this and they will not do anything. I have read many bad complaints and reviews about Resorthoppa on many review websites and sadly this Resorthoppa review reflects a similar complain. 

My issue is that no airport transfer came to pick us up to take us to the airport despite the fact that it had been paid for. In addition, it seems as if they ignored me completely when I phoned to complain by passing the buck to lastminute (I will be keeping an eye on the response by lastminute and what they have to say about Resorthoppa). Both seems to be as bad as each other.

It would have been cheaper and easier if I would have used the local taxi and would have saved me a lot of heartache. I do hope Resorthoppa would listen to this and arrange for an apology and a refund. Is that too much to ask? Hope this Resorthoppa review will warn others holiday makes not to use this company for their transfers.

**This was a Resorthoppa Review. Feel free to comment below. Thank you.


Letter from LastMinute, Lowcost Holidays

Dear Mr. X,

Thank you for your correspondence, although we were sorry to learn of the problems you experienced with your transfer arrangements. Thank you for your patience whilst we investigated your case.

We have now received a report from our transfer supplier, Resorthoppa, who were disappointed to hear you were dissatisfied with the service that was provided.Resorthoppa do their best to ensure the suppliers with whom they work offer the best possible service locally and they were concerned that you felt as though you had been let down on this occasion.

After thorough investigation with the supplier, we have found that your transfer was provided at the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel the driver went into reception and you were not there. The receptionist then went on to stamp the drivers docket to show that he showed up at the hotel.

As the driver has a stamp from the hotel proving that he showed up to collect you,Resorthoppa are not authorized to make a refund. We are sorry this isn’t the response you may have hoped for but hope that you understand the reasons for it.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and bringing these issues to our attention. We take customer feedback seriously and always act upon issues raised to ensure both Lowcostholidays, and our third party suppliers, can improve the services we provide to you.


Yours Sincerely

John Smallwood
Customer Relations

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