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Cardiff to Exmoor National Park day trip Itinerary

Those living in Cardiff will be glad to know that the Exmoor National Park is much closer than the Snowdonia mountains. In fact, it can take up to 4 hours to get to Penrhyndeudraeth where the National Park offices for Snodonia is situated. So why not take the opportunity and try Exmoor National Park instead.

Here’s what you can do for a day trip to Exmoor National Park from Cardiff

First stop - Wimbleball Lake

Leave Cardiff at 7 am and reach the Wimbleball Lake at 9 to 9.30 am. Stop at the lake and have tea/snack (light breakfast). Then go for a little walk for not more than 1/2 mile around the lake’s many footpaths. Then go to the Wimbleball Lake Angling & Watersports Centre and hire a boat. 

Finish this spot by latest 11 to 12 noon.
Wimbleball lake
Wimbleball lake: Source - Wikipedia Commons
Boating at Wimbleball Lake
Boating at Wimbleball Lake: Source - David Burton, Flickr

Address: Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9NU Phone: 01398 371460

Second stop - Tarr Steps on the River Barle, Exmoor National Park

Then go for something called “Tarr Steps” in Dulverton about 10 miles from the lake, for a short walk (pictured below). There is a Stone Age bridge over the River Barle which you can cross. Park the car (£2 postcode below) and then walk down to the river to the bridge. There is a picnic spot near the river where you can stop and have lunch.

This place is not easy to get as the roads are very narrow but it’s worth it. The 1 hour walk should be very scenic. The so called “Tarr Steps clapper bridge” is supposed to be Exmoor’s most tranquil and excluded spots. It’s a good place to take the children.  

Tarr Steps Ancient Bridge: Source - whatsthatpicture, Flickr
Tarr Steps
Tarr Steps: Source - Wikipedia Commons
To find out more about this place go to the Dulverton National Park Centre, 7 – 9 Fore Street Dulverton, TA22 9EX.

Address: Postcode TA22 9QA or Marshclose Hill, Hawkridge, Somerset, United Kingdom, TA22 9PY

Not completely sure about the postcode. Need to explore further on the exact location and how to get there. But know that you need to find Tarr Steps car park but most likely TA22 9QA or TA22 9PY. It's either of the two postcodes for the Tarr Steps.

Third stop Dulverton National Park Centre

Then go to the Dulverton National Park Centre to find out what you can do if you still have not done so.  Address: 7 – 9 Fore Street, Dulverton, West Somerset, TA22 9EX, Tel : 01398 323841

Dulverton National Park Centre
Dulverton National Park Centre: Source

Fourth stop: Valley of the Rocks. Lynmouth, Exmoor National Park

Location: Valley Of Rocks Car Park Lynton (£1 per hour carpark), Nearest Postcode: EX35 6JH

Valley Of Rocks Car Park Lynton
Valley Of Rocks Car Park Lynton Post code - EX35 6JH Source: - Street View 
Drive to Lynmouth through the national forest, park the car at the car park (postcode above) for the Valley of the Rocks and do a picnic and walk around.

Return back to Cardiff via the 21 Mile Drive

This route is one of the most scenic routes and can do done quite easily. The 21 mile drive goes through Lynton & Lynmouth, the Heddon and Brendon Valleys, Woody Bay, Valley Of Rocks and Watersmeet on the A39. Print the MAP of 21 Mile Drive here.

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