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Panoramic view of Cardiff

Cardiff is a wonder place. There are no shortages of beautiful places in the city of Cardiff. One website that shows the wonderful places in spectacular 360 degree panoramic view is These panoramic photos of the various places of Cardiff have been taken by the photographer and multimedia developer Philip Silver living in Cardiff. He set out to develop these panoramic photos of Cardiff 1997 which he continues to develop till today. These photos were featured in worldwide panoramic event held by the University of California in Berkley, USA.
Castell Coch - Lady Margaret's Bedroom
Castell Coch - Lady Margaret's Bedroom
Some of the views include and the most fascinating of them all is the views of St Fagans Castle - National History Museum. St Fagans Museum is the open air museum of Cardiff. It highlights the way the Welsh people used to live in Wales. A must visit by those interested in Welsh history.

Others include; Flower Shows in  Cardiff, art and crafts shows, Fairoak Roath Park, Golden Cross Pub, Customhouse Street , Callaghan Square Fountains, Caroline Street - Chippy Lane, Waterguard Pub, Railway Footbridge - Herbert Street, the famous Red Dragon Centre, the Cardiff Castle, Winter Wonderland, Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Bay Barrage, Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, Gorsedd Gardens, Cathays Park Cardiff - Alexander Gardens, Cardiff City Hall, various parts of the Castell Coch in Caerphilly such as the drawing room, Lord Bute's Bedroom, Banqueting Hall, Lady Bute's Bedroom, Lady Margaret's Bedroom, Inner Courtyard etc and and Restaurant and numerous others.
Another use of this system has been used cleverly by Philip Silver to show the virtual tour for some local property developers. More property developers are now beginning to realise the potential of this 3d Panoramic and 3d animation views to recreate various parts of the houses and apartments to showcase their work to customers.

Although these panoramic views of Cardiff are spectacular, one must visit these places in person to get the feel the beauty of Cardiff. 

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