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Llanrumney Hall

lanrumney (Llanrhymni) Hall is situated at the end of a large playing field on Ball road off Llanrumney avenue opposite eastern leisure centre. It is situated about 5 miles of Cardiff city centre and on the banks of the River Rumney close to the Bluebell and Squires woodlands along with the 33-acre international standard university playing fields.
Llannrumney Hall
Llannrumney Hall

Llanrumney used to be a small village situated between Newport and Cardiff but now it’s the eastern part of Cardiff. Llanrumney Hall was, until recently, the mansion of a 700-acre estate believed to be a monastery owned by the Kemys family of Cefn Mably later acquired by Captain Morgan, a native of Wales and Sheriff of Glamorgan in 1726. Later the estate and the house as taken up by a history professor called E. A. Freeman and then latter by Charles Crofts Williams of Roath Court in 1859 and then to Llewellyn, the “Prince of Wales”. It was rebuilt in 1852 and refurbished at around 1900. Today it stands amidst the estate built in the 1950’s. It is supposedly rumored to contain a masonry block with the headless body of Llewellyn.

There are several strange stories about Llanrumney Hall. Locals will tell you its haunted and many children will not go near it and exchange ghost stories as to how he was killed at the Hall by being chopped into small pieces and plastered around his house. And now that his headless ghost would ride across the field with his head tucked under his arms. Many locals would say that it is the Prince Llewellyn, the last price of Wales who is actually buried at Llanrumey Hall after being beheaded. This is seconded by the Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust and the Welsh historical society.

It’s now run as a great pub frequented by locals. It’s got an L-shaped bar with a pool table in the middle along with bed and breakfast. It has all its original features, Morgans table, gothic windows, plasterwork, a plaque in the Hall commemorating Henry Morgan and even paintings. It also comprises of a large function hall that can be hired for private get-togethers such as children’s parties.

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