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How to make friends in Cardiff?

Cardiff is a beautiful place to be in. Currently Cardiff is undergoing regeneration as the fastest growing city in Europe. There has been an influx of people from both the UK and beyond. The city has 2 great universities affiliated to the University of Wales known as Cardiff University and University of Wales Institute Cardiff (or UWIC) that attracts hundreds of students from the UK and the world generating million of pounds in the form of fees. Students from other neighbouring towns and cities such as Pontypridd and Newport choose to dwell in Cardiff simply because of the brilliant night-life it has to offer.

Many at times, some of the international students and even home based students have difficulty in settling down in their courses. Perhaps they are homesick. On the other hand professionals who come to the city find it equally hard to make friends.

How to make friends at university

Talk to your flat mates. Many at times students expect the others to make the first move. As most of them are away from home for the first time, they are nervous talking to others. Make the first move and go talk to you flat mates as they are the first you come in contact and will be seeing them for the whole one year. At weekends, invite them to go to the Cardiff students union on Park Road. As long as you have a National Students Union (NUS) card you should be able to enter free of cost. It’s a brilliant place to meet, socialise and have a great time. The Cardiff students union is famous for its gigs, events, stand up comedies and musical events.

How to make friends away from the university

Another way to get to know people is to join a social group of your interest. For example, if you like Karate then join one. You are bound to meet others with similar interests. Again make the first move and talk to others, ask them if they would like to go for a movie as a group etc.

Join a sports club. Most leisure centres in Cardiff have sports clubs. You don’t have to be really good at it. If you don’t have friends yet, at least you can kill your time running around by chasing a ball or something.

Another good way to make friends is to volunteer. You will not only be able to contribute towards something noble but meet other people of all ages.

Some tips for being a “friend attractive individual”
Be yourself, smile, listen and if someone makes a fun of you – ignore it.

Learn some good jokes and crack one every now and then (good ones of course).

Talk to people. Do try to talk instead of just sitting across the table. Share your ideas and interesting experiences, people like to listen to others.

If you can host a party, invite everyone and always be nice.

Get out there and make the initiative.

Finally don’t be shy, take the first initiative and choose your friends wisely.

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