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Driving Instructors in Cardiff

There are plenty of driving schools and driving instructors In Cardiff, Wales. Most of them are pretty good while some are just after your money. Driving instructors in Cardiff are in plenty and available as both male and female instructors.

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Driving in Cardiff city centre

It has to be said that Cardiff is a difficult place to pass your driving test. Most people who I have known that have failed their driving test at the city of Cardiff are of the view that passing your driving test at Cardiff is a matter of luck. One even suggested that if she did not pass her driving test simply because she did not have big boobs and blonde hair. This is obviously a statement born out of frustration but driving tests are increasingly difficult to pass not only in Cardiff but the whole of the country. Not only one has to pass the theory test and the hazard perception but also some practical test like opening the bonnet; not to mention the actual driving test.

Cardiff no doubt is a difficult place to drive in. Compared to other drivers across the country, driving culture is comparably worse. For instance, many drivers don’t usually signal at roundabouts or junctions.

Now that the driving test centre at Barry nearly closed, the driving test centre at Cardiff is going to be extra busy with appointments more difficult to make. Learners will have to dish out extra money for lesions to travel to Cardiff. However, the Driving Standards Agency is adamant and has commented that the test centres at Cardiff and Brigend is large enough to accommodate the extra workload. It is estimated that it could take around 6 weeks to get a driving test appointment. Not to mention the Cardiff rush hour between 4.30 onwards.

With an average of 18 pounds a driving lesion, it’s not going to be cheap and easy for driving hopefuls.

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